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Jeff Shudak, a local plumber and labor leader, is now a candidate for Pottawattamie County Board of Supervisors. His primary goals for running are to elevate the concerns of all Pottawattamie County residents, including those in the underrepresented rural areas; to ensure the county’s American Rescue Plan funds are spent transparently and by the U.S. Treasury guidelines; and to make sure county employees have strong and robust contracts.

There is only one candidate that will
-Bring accountability and accessibility to the office
-Put workers first by restoring permissive topics in county contracts
-Protect taxpayer's dollars by being the watchdog on the county budget

Allocation of ARPA Funding

A defining feature of Shudak’s campaign will be his strong advocacy for a public and transparent process to decide how to spend the next round of American Rescue Plan funds.

So far, the process has taken place behind closed doors and there are some questions as to whether planned expenditures are in line with the guidelines from the U.S. Treasury.

Jeff believes that the public should have an input on how these funds are spent across the entire county. 

Representation across County

Jeff, who grew up in rural Underwood, Iowa, and still has family all over the county, also expresses concern about the lack of representation for Pottawattamie County’s rural residents.


“Pottawattamie County is the second biggest in the state by area, and yet we don’t have any representatives from the eastern side of the county. I think that’s unfair and undemocratic. If elected, I would propose the Board meet on the east side of the county at least once a month so they can be accessible to our rural community members. In fact, I think we should move all meetings to the evening so working folks can attend,”

Champion for worker's rights

Jeff is a plumber, not a politician. He works on multi-million-dollar private and public projects, including some Pottawattamie County projects. Jeff can bring his construction experience to the county, improve the bidding process, lower our costs, and look out for the workers on these jobs.

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